Goodbye spring… I’ll miss you!

18 06 2009
(My niece, Clover, took this photo!)

(My niece, Clover, took this photo!)


Spring is coming to a close, and I have to say…

I am so thankful for the REAL spring weather the Lord has given us this year!  It seems like our weather usually skips over spring; we move straight from winter to summer here.  This is the first lengthy mild season I can remember for a long time, and it has been delightful.

Too bad I haven’t had the energy to do all the gardening I wanted to do.  I’ve enjoyed seeing Kristin’s vegies and Barbara’s flowers, though.  And I did FINALLY go out and buy a white geranium plant last night ~ which I’ve been wanting to do for months.  Now, I just have to get around to potting it!

Alas, the first day of summer is just around the corner. 

As is Father’s Day. 

We have fun plans for Father’s Day!  How about you?

What is your ONE favorite thing about summer?




6 responses

18 06 2009

just being outside in the sun!

21 06 2009

Oh Kristin beat me to it… the sunshine! 🙂

21 06 2009

This spring has been quite beautiful, it’s great that God’s given us this time to enjoy the beauty of his creation ^_^

23 06 2009
Great-Granny Grandma

The blessing of AC, for sure. What a great invention.

23 06 2009

Amen, Great-Granny Grandma…I’m with you…..Love the Autumn and the Spring…

27 06 2009

Summer for us mean vacation: from school, from work (for my hubby the teacher), laz days and long naps. My favorite part about summer is getting to spend so much time as a family since Ken is off. I treasure it more each year…

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