Happy and Sad

30 06 2009

Today is the day…



Do you know what it’s like to be happy and sad at the same time?

I do.




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30 06 2009

I know how you feel. Gareth starts kindergarten this fall!

30 06 2009

Hope was sad when Luke started ‘pre-school’. It’s sad to see him grow up, because you know every moment you experience is going to be ‘gone.’ He’ll never be this age and this moment ever again. That is sad. I think it’s why we have more children. To experience those stages of development again…

But then, I wouldn’t want Luke to be 2 for ever, either. 🙂

30 06 2009

I would actually love for Malachi to be 3 forever! He is so much fun, so affectionate, so cute.

At the same time, I really enjoy watching him experience and learn new things. He takes great pride in his accomplishments and creativity, and I love to encourage and praise him for those things. All part of growing up…

You’re right, though, Kenny. It does make me glad we are having one more baby!

30 06 2009

I talked to Ryan this morning. He said Mal was happy to run in and to jion in with the playtime. I hope the rest of day was as fun for him. Love you all.

30 06 2009

He had a great day! I am so glad.

2 07 2009
Melody Milbrandt

Annie – So glad your cute little guy had a good 1st day at pre school. Hang in there. I am praying for you all. For new baby girl. And especially for the home loan process and all that goes with that stuff. Hugs to you and enjoy your Independence Day!

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