What a week…

9 07 2009

Life is full of highs and lows. We all know this.

So far, this week has been all lows.

I just got word that my paycheck will be cut by 20%.  Thanks, Arnold.  I honestly don’t know how I can manage to support my family anymore. I cannot pay all the bills we currently have. Undoubtedly, I have wasted my time filling out home loan application materials. Anybody know where we can pick up free diapers???

Of course, there are options:

* Ryan can look for more regular work.

* I can open up that Etsy store I’ve been saying I’m going to do for some time.

* I know how to work direct sales, but honestly, who’s buying?!

Other bandaids that come to mind are moving in with Mom and Dad, getting a job in another state, seeing if I can get a hardship deferral on my loans…

But as angry as I want to be about all of this, and as much as I want to throttle the Governor for his stupidity and stubbornness, my own woes are shriveled down to almost nothing after the news I received yesterday afternoon.

I am a vanpooler. I commute over 30 miles each way to work on a 14-passenger van for $20/month. It’s wonderful. I crochet. I read. I nap. If there is engaging conversation going on, I’ll talk the whole way.

Not only do I feel good about vanpooling becauuse it relieves traffic congestion and reduces air pollution, but I have made friends that I see regularly through vanpooling. God has put some really wonderful people in my life this way.

On Tuesday, one of these people passed away.

He fell off a cliff ~ no joke.  Our driver broke the news to us before we climbed off the van yesterday afternoon.  We were in our end-of-the-day time-to-go-home mode, so this unwelcome information seemed to put us all in a state of shock.  I know my own jaw dropped, and I was at a loss for words.  I slid out of my seat and made my way to my car.  No sooner was the key turned and I was in tears.

Scott was just 32.  He leaves behind a wife of 5 years and daughter, Malachi’s age.

A scientist, artist, and unpublished writer of children’s books, Scott seemed to always be working to better himself and learn new things.  He had interesting ideas and a good sense of humor.

I have no clue whether he knew the Lord.

We weren’t close friends.  But it’s hard to swallow what has happened.  And it’s weird to think that this guy, who I’m used to seeing on a daily basis, who has actually driven me into work and back many times as I slept, is gone from this world.

I want to go buy a card for his family, although I have no idea what to say.

And now…

I cannot even BEGIN to complain about a 20% pay cut.




4 responses

9 07 2009

So sorry to hear about the accident. I will be praying for his family. A card is a good idea, but it is hard to know what to say. Scripture is always a comfort, if they are believers, but you don’t know if they are; condolences and maybe a story about him that you remember. Love you, Mom

9 07 2009

Terrible news. Sorry to hear.

Hope and I would be willing to donate diapers (Amazon delivers!) if you guys need them. Let me know!

9 07 2009
Great-Granny Grandma

How tragic. Was it an accident?
How devastating for the family.
If you don’t know the family and whether or not they are saved, probably just express your own feeling of shock and sadness, and like your mom suggested in her comment, you could share something about him that you remember.

10 07 2009

Oh sweet Annie, what a week you’ve had! I will be heaping up prayers for you. I am adding Scott’s family to my prayer list as well. And I think a card would be wonderful. When someone we really love dies it makes such a difference to know they made a difference in the lives of others! I know it seems “smaller” as you said earlier, but I am asking the Lord to continue to provide for your family and to impart HIs wisdom and peace unto you during these stressful, changing times. I know He will be faithful to His word. He loves you so.
Big hugs from Missouri…

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