Stats Suck Sunday!

9 08 2009


This picture makes me laugh SO HARD.

So, my stats suck because I don’t blog as regularly as I once did…  But it’s also Sunday, so that doesn’t help.  (Actually, to be quite honest, I don’t even know what my stats look like because I don’t look at them.  I’m just going by the number of comments I get!)

Anyway, here we go with the bullets:

*  Pregnancy is at 28 weeks today.  I’m way more comfortable standing up than sitting or lying down.

*  School starts for my 7th grader in a week and a half.  I found her a cool pencil box at Target made of “other people’s plastic.”

*  Christmas shoppin gis about halfway done.  Waiting for Aunt Cindy to give me and Ryan our Secret Santa assignments…

*  Patiently.  Really.  No rush, Aunt Cindy.

*  I’ve been crocheting baby hats like mad.  Plan to bring a bunch to the hospital when we go to deliver, so we can give them away to other people’s babies (no link for that).

*  I’ve had my car for 6 months, now ~ longer than I had my last one!

*  I hate paying for registration.

*  This has been one of the nicest summers I can remember, weatherwise.

*  I’ve been praying for a lot of my bloggie friends lately.  I love it when I know exactly what to pray for.  Too many people keep their problems to themselves.

*  Hey, if you want to pray for me…  This is our first month on a 3-day furloughed budget.  Hope we make it all the way through!

*  My daughter shaves her legs and wears make up now.  Hard for me to believe.

*  My son is gung ho for pre-school and LOVES doing crafts at home.  I’ll have to post a pic soon of his pterydactyl.

*  It’s amazing how busy a family can stay with FREE things to do, if you just look.

*  Tonight, we’re having birthday cake for Ryan’s grandparents – can’t wait!  I love living so close to so many in our family.

Here’s to a new week.  May yours be blessed!




3 responses

9 08 2009

I like that you used ‘furloughed’ in a sentence. Well done.

11 08 2009

little ryv is growing up! shes so happy she can wear make-up now. she keeps talking about it… you!

11 08 2009

Thank you for taking time to wait for us Sunday evening, we always are thrilled to be with family and really looking forward to your visit whis weekend and soorry we couldn’t bring the big girl home with us,,, but this is a special year and orientation is important as well as fun. Nana and I had a great out with her yesterday. Of course we missed the little guy and I was so sorry to have missed his visit this morning but was trying to see as many as we could. Wish we could see little Sienna once in a while.

Love thi pic…..and love you all!

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