7th Grade

13 08 2009

I only seems like a few years ago…

I actually had several different teachers for different subjects.

I wore my bangs high and used lots of hairspray.

I pegged my pants.

I used cassette tapes to record my favorite songs when they came on the radio.

I was obsessed with these guys.

I started going to youth group.

~ wearing make-up.

~ shaving my legs.

~ tying up the  phone line.

I played competitive volleyball.

I even gave basketball a shot.

I wanted a Cabriolet.

I decided that I loved science.

And I met the man (ok boy) that I ended up marrying.

Today, our daughter picked up her 7th grade class schedule.  She is SO excited to start school.  I find myself looking at her like, how did you all of the sudden grow up so much?  She’s almost my shoe size, almost my height, and just 12 pounds or so less than where I would (hopefully) be ~ if I weren’t 29 weeks pregnant.

Goodness gracious!

It’s all so scary and exciting at the same time.  Junior High is such a critical age for developing self-esteem, compassion for others, and all-around self-identity ~ the scary part.  There are a lot of opportunities for learning, growing spiritually, and becoming more independent ~ the exciting part.

The first school bell rings on Wednesday.

I will be praying DAILY that my little lady makes true friends, wise choices, and good grades.  I’ll pray that her relationship with God deepens.  And if she comes home saying she’s met her future husband ~ I promise not to call her crazy.




3 responses

14 08 2009

Great post, Annie. I’ll be praying for Ryvre too and when Jo goes to middle school next year (it’s 6-8 here), you can start praying for her (and me too!) 🙂 love you all. Congrats on raising an intelligent, beautiful, kind young woman.

14 08 2009

Great post, Annie. Funny thing is, I remember your junior high days, your bangs and your youth group…fun times. You grew up to be a lovely, Godly woman. Praise His name….
Love you, Barb

14 08 2009

Beautiful post, Annie. Brought tears to my eyes for some reason. Scary as it can sound, I sometimes can’t wait for Meah to be this age. And, except for the part about meeting your future husband, your list could be mine.

Love you, and enjoy the first day of 7th grade.

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