Wacky Tacky

24 08 2009
OK…  Who’s heard of it?  (Probably nobody, since I’m pretty sure it is not a franchise, but a family business.)

Yesterday, I took Malachi to his first birthday party (invited by a friend from summer pre-school)!  There are so many memorable ‘firsts’ in life when you have kids; my son was particularly excited about this one.

The DAY the invitation came in the mail, we were ready to go.  We rolled out the butcher paper and got out the stamps to make wrapping paper.  He picked out a book from his shelf that he wanted to gift his friend with (insisting that we did not need to go shopping for a present ~ he wanted to give him this book).  And we got on the internet to find out what the heck Wacky Tacky was all about.

Did I mention that half of the invitation consisted of fine print, waiving the company of any liability for injury or death of my child as a result of participating in Wacky Tacky activities???

I was slightly concerned.

So, here it is:


A great place to play hide-and-seek.


Very fast slides!

Foam ball shooting range.

Foam ball shooting range.

When we got there, a staff person would take our pictures, and they took more pics as the kids played.  (This must have been permitted in the fine print.  I can only guess.)  And, oh, did they play!  My son was all sweaty by the time they called us together for pizza and cupcakes.

They had a big party room for us, decorated, with a big, inflated birthday throne for the birthday boy.  After eating, a clown came in and assisted with gift opening; they even had a staffer writing down who gave what for assistance with ‘thank yous’!

Oh, and BEFORE all that, they turned on a flat-screen and showed us a Happy Birthday montage of all the pics they’d taken, set to music.  The kids loved seeing themselves on TV.  I wonder if the parents got to keep that?

Anyway, fun party.  Fun day with my boy.

His 4th Bday is coming up in about 6 weeks.  Any party ideas out there that you could recommend?  Money-saving tips?  Creative alternatives to cake?




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24 08 2009

We have a couple places like that ’round us. This one looks newer and nicer than the one I went to here.

Are you planning a party (eg inviting lots of people) or just a family affair. It’s hard to do any party without spending money on food, decorations, plates, cake, etc.

If you keep it a family affair, then you can always use some of the money spent on a party to bring Mal somewhere special.

24 08 2009

What I usually do is host a dinner and/or dessert for the family ON the day of my kids’ birthdays. Then, we do a separate party for friends. This is the first year we’d be doing a friends party for Mal, since he’s got his preschool buddies…

24 08 2009
Jeremy Burch

Lisa loves to take Caleb there.

25 08 2009

That place looked really cool, but I bet it cost an arm and a leg. My kids always ask for a party like that, but they’re always happy with a day at the park with their friends or maybe a little slumber party. I like the park party because the kids are well entertained, you don’t have to plan any significant games, you don’t need any fancy decorations, and there’s not a bunch of screaming kids at your house (which I’ve also done). The kids always have fun.

Instead of cake I have done cookies they decorate themselves (with just a few girls), a giant cookie pizza with no frosting, just “Happy Birthday” (you can use wheat flour and the kids don’t know the difference) and also pumpkin muffins with chocolate chips (it always amazes me how much the kids love them).

I guess I need to start thinking about Meah’s party a bit also, being that it’s only 10 weeks away, maybe your little girl will be born on her birthday. ;>

26 08 2009

We’ve done the park parties many times, and it is always the best back-up plan. Set up near the playground, and you’re set! Parents usually stick around, too, which is nice.

Thanks for the ideas, Noel!

When’s Meah’s Bday?

26 08 2009

Meah’s birthday is November 1st. I think you’re due right around then, right?

26 08 2009

The day before!

26 08 2009

Wow! That looks like the coolest place ever!

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