Positive Post Tuesday

1 09 2009


In case you hadn’t heard, my town suffered a voracious wildfire on Sunday.  They are still investigating how it started, but it swept through several neighborhoods, burning homes to the ground.  I swear, just a couple of hours after it started, aerial photos showed rows of home lots reduced to piles of ash.


Ninety fire engines responded with 13 crews ~ over 600 fire personnel.

Weather was hot and breezy ~ just the way wildfire likes it.  People hardly had a chance to gather their valuables; they just had to save their own lives and leave.

In the drug store that afternoon, I saw a couple come in rather frantic.  They had just lost everything.  The man was wet from the neck down, no doubt from efforts to defend his home.  They were looking for clothing and food and picking up medicines from the pharmacy.  He muttered something about “out of all the homes in the area, he had to pick one right there.”  My heart broke for them.  I wanted to say something supportive or encouraging, but I was speechless.

Here comes the POSITIVE part.

Our community has already rallied around these families that have found themselves with nothing and nowhere to go.

In the County’s Local Assistance Center, families and businesses can meet with agencies to receive information and get assistance in meeting their near and long-term needs.

A Disaster Response Team is on-scene at The Salvation Army taking monetary and food donations for the fire victims.

The Moose Lodge is hosting a spaghetti dinner,  free to all families affected by the fire, as well as fire crews and law enforcement.  Donations will be accepted for anyone looking to give.

The UPS Store is offering to help coordinate package delivery to the store for people whose homes were destroyed in the fire.

Kids Closet children’s consignment shop will be offering clothing and toys to those affected by the 49 Fire.

And the list goes on…

Local churches and even some in neighboring cities are offering assistance.  It’s so heart-warming to see people caring for people…  It’s not just my hormones talking, is it?  It’s truly wonderful!

If you have a second today, please lift up these families in your prayers.  I am doing the same and simultaneously thanking God that our own home remains safe.




2 responses

1 09 2009

This is so sad… but you are right a wonderful response.

8 09 2009

Oh Annie. I didn’t realize! I am so glad you posted this. I will remember to keep praying for those who lost their homes, as they continue to rebuild their lives. How awesome that your community has rallied round. Praise the Lord!

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