SSS – oh man, do they suck

20 09 2009


I’ve been so uninspired, blogwise.  But I do have some tidbits in mind for the next few posts.  I just need to get around to it!  If you see me on FB, tell me to go blog!


*  My neice spent the night last night.  She’s still young enough (8) to enjoy spending time with my son (almost 4).

*  Question I heard the most last night and this morning:  Can we hold a mouse???!

*  Did I mention here that we have 3 mice?  They are cute.

*  One of my upcoming posts will be about our new pets.

*  Ryvre is finally plugged into youth group.  Yay!

*  Phineas and Ferb is on.  So funny.

*  Prego belly is measuring small; baby is a bit squished.  I’m predicting an early induction (de ja vu).  I just hope I get at least another 3 weeks…

*  I am SO ready to move.  We’re working on a purchase.  50/50 chance it will pan out.

*  Ginger Lime candles by Gold Canyon smell so good.

*  Spruce & Citrus candles by Gold Canyon smell just like a Christmas Tree!

*  I cannot wait for the fall.

God bless you this Sunday!




One response

1 10 2009

Oh oh oh … a 50/50 chance…ok. I will be prayin’ the Lord’s will in it Annie! Hugs

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