Do YOU wipe your behind with old growth forest?

25 09 2009


Old growth forests are known for their unique ability to support species of plants and wildlife that can ONLY live or reproduce there.  I went to college at Humboldt State, and the fight to protect the old growth in northern California was always headline news.

Well, guess what I just learned?

The “soft” versions of toilet paper you see at the store are MADE FROM OLD GROWTH.  Most toilet papers are now made of recycled paper, saving trees, reducing waste (no pun intended).   But if you buy “soft” or “ultra plush” types of wiping products, you should know that they are made with virgin materials acquired by chopping up these trees.  See this article for yourself:,0,71359.story

Maybe some of you feel ok with that.

I don’t.

I’m not a fanatic environmentalist or anything, but God HAS commissioned us to be good stewards of His Creation, right?  If you can do something as simple as buying less soft TP…  why wouldn’t you?

Don’t answer that.

So, I’d like to hear it:  what kind of toilet paper you you typically buy?  Are you willing to change?


(For the record, I never buy the “soft stuff,” because you get less squares for your money!  This news was just icing on the cake.)




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25 09 2009

I’m not necessarily against the idea of switching to non-soft. But here’s the thing that concerns me: Is this a mountain being made out of a mole hill? From the article:

“[Toilet paper] accounts for 5% of the U.S. forest-products industry”

What they don’t say is, how much of this 5% is made up of old growth trees.

It says that 75% of non-home TP is made from recycled product, but only 5% of the home market is recycled. Of course, they don’t tell us how big each market is…

Anyway… I’d have no problem with switching to 100% recycled or sustainable paper… I just worry that sometimes the advocates are claiming the sky is falling when it’s not.

25 09 2009

Kenny, I completely agree that the numbers don’t tell the whole story.

I just think we should all do our part ~ no matter how small a difference it makes. Especially something easy, like this. Glad you’re on board. I’ll be checking your TP if I’m ever at your house! JK

25 09 2009

We usually buy regular Scott tissue, but my dad got the soft stuff for some reason this time. I feel bad that we have soft toilet paper now… :-/

25 09 2009

We usually buy whatever is cheapest. I never really paid attention to whether it’s soft or not. 🙂

I do wonder if Hope can deal with the rough stuff though.

26 09 2009

We normally get the BIG batch at Costco which I store in the garage and lasts us forever. It is not of the “soft” variety, but neither is it 100% recycled. It’s 2 ply. Just plain ol’ 2 ply. Makes me glad I don’t wipe my hind end with old growth trees. Thanks for sharing the info, Annie. I never would have known my cheapness was saving some old trees! 🙂

1 10 2009

Hee hee, Annie, I’m with you – it’s just icing on the proverbial tp cake as I already buy the cheap (not so soft) stuff. 😉

7 01 2010


So you’d be proud to know we’ve been buying recycled TP almost everytime since your blog post.

12 01 2010

Yay Kenny!

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