9 10 2009

My favorite season is in full swing!  I love putting on a sweater or sweatshirt every morning.  I love wearing my slippers around the house on my days off.  I LOVE not having the AC kick on all day.

On this Furlough Friday, I plan to dig out the fall and halloween decor and have some fun with my son.  My FOUR YEAR OLD son.

Malachi with his beloved mouse, Butter.

Malachi with his beloved mouse, Butter.

Yesterday, we celebrated his birthday with chocolate cupcakes at preschool and soda floats at Grandma’s.  It was our chance to give him LOTS of attention and praise before his new baby sister comes along and steals the limelight!

Ryvre is helping my mother in law plan a baby shower.  I love that my daughter is so excited about having another sibling, even at her often attitudinal age.  She is growing into a beautiful young lady, and I am proud of her.

One of her many self portraits.

One of her many self portraits.

Ryan and I are busy trying to pull off our first home purchase.  A lot of phone calls, emails, and paperwork coming in and out.  We found a neat house, but are trying not to get our hopes up too high.  I told my cousin on the phone the other day that, if I didn’t believe in God, I’d say the the stars will all have to align just right for this to work out.  As it is, this process is in God’s hands.  I trust him to direct with wisdom.  I know that He knows what’s best.  I believe that He has a better home out there for us, whether we buy it or rent it.  It’s just another waiting game!

I have been so bad about blogging, I just wanted to use today to update anyone who’s interested.

So, it’s Friday.  What plans do you have, other than thanking God?




One response

10 10 2009

Thanks for blogging! I’ve been wondering when you were going to update us on all the happenings :o)

I’m glad Malachi had a great birthday. We celebrated my mom’s birthday yesterday. I made meatloaf and Grandpa, Jacquie and Sonny came for dinner. It was fun and delicious!

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