5 11 2009

So, I’ve been a little distracted from the blog world lately…  This little angel entered my life, and I have been somewhat consumed with staring at her, kissing her, nursing, and changing her diapers.  And I am loving every minute of it.

Zea is our 3rd child, and yet, I am even more in awe of the miracle that she is than I was with the first two.  That awe seems to get magnified with time/age, I guess.  Seems like it would diminish after having several experiences, but at age 33, I cannot wrap my head around how amazing it is to look upon a new child, a gift from the Lord, that was fashioned in my womb by the Almighty Creator.

Do you get me?  or am I still hormonal?

Anyway, I’m loving my time off of work.  I’m still able to log onto FB at least once a day.  My house is still a mess.  Life moves on, one day at a time.  God has not closed the door on buying a house, so we hold onto the hope that we’ll be moving soon.  I know that I’ll be back at work sooner than I would like.

I just want to THANK the Lord for paid time off.  A husband whose a wonderful Dad.  Kids that adore their new sister.  A healthy, adorable baby.  And so much more.  He continues to bless and bless and bless.

(Don’t take this as me saying my life is perfect.  It is NOT.  I’m just focusing on the positive!)




2 responses

6 11 2009

Enjoy it! You are not hormonal, they are wonderful!

27 12 2009
Raquel TWG

Eh, I’ve been getting a little distracted from the blog world too, but you have great reasons to! Including a tiny little cute one (:

I’m so glad to read that you and your family are doing well. God’s awesome.

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