20 01 2010

I know everyone is aware of what is going on in Haiti.  This is not a “news blog.”  Or even a “news post.”

In light of hearing that Haitians are enduring the effects of yet ANOTHER quake…

Please join me in prayer for our brothers and sisters.

My World Vision sponsored child, Lusiana Jean, lives in Haiti.  From what the organization reports, all of the sponsored children are safe and well.  It’s weird how that can mean so much to me, when I have never even met this girl.  I was immediately concerned for her.  Worried.  I want to hug her.  I wish there was more I could do.

One thing I did do is make a donation that provides clean water for earthquake victims.  Water is one of our most basic needs for sustaining life.  It doesn’t take much to help out in this way.  I encourage you to make your way over to World Vision‘s site and give what you can.  Don’t be afraid that your well-earned dollars will disappear into thin air; they won’t!  You can be part of the relief effort.  Aid does not appear by magic; it comes from people who care.

Be love.

We are so spoiled here…

While you’re at it, consider sponsoring a child in Haiti, as a long-term commitment.  You won’t regret it.

Pray, pray, pray.

God bless.




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