4 02 2010

I know it’s not Friday for most of you, but it is for me!

This weekend, my goal is to help my son get his room organized.  Since we moved into the house, the bedrooms have seen the least attention.  Malachi’s floor is hidden beneath toys, pretty much, and I can’t ask him to clean it up when he doesn’t know where to put his things!  On top of that, he still has MORE things in the garage that we have yet to unpack.  My kids have too much “stuff.”  I wish I could get rid of 90% of it.    We will be putting items aside for a spring yard sale, though…    Maybe if I offer to let my children keep the money, they’ll be willing to give up more.  I hope.

This weekend is also the Super Bowl, so I’ve heard…  We’ll probably head over to my parents’ house after church to watch the commercials.  Super Bowl Sunday is the ONLY day of the year that I don’t mute the commercials.  I don’t even know what teams are playing, but I’ll probably be rooting for one of them by halftime.

This weekend is supposed to be rainy.  I love the rain.  We have gotten more than usual this winter, though, and I haven’t been able to spend as much time outside as I’d like.  Oh well.  When it warms up, I can explore our new terrain.  For now, indoor projects and activities get my focus.

I am so sleepy…  Getting up at 4:30 is unnatural.  I can’t get used to it.

Hope your weekend is more exciting than mine!

God bless.




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