30 04 2010

I was 20 years old when I found out she was coming into my life…

I feel like she’s always been.

Ryvre Leigh is officially a teenager.


She’s a beautiful, funny girl.  A great big sister.  A loving cousin.  A caring friend.

She loves watching scary movies, shopping for funky clothes, wearing Vans, spending time with family, eating tacos, listening to music (and singing), and dancing.

She’s a little bit boy-crazy.

Ok.  A lot boy-crazy.

Today we celebrate 13 years of Ryvre!  We’re going ice skating.  Should be fun.  Tomorrow, the family comes over for dinner and cake.  We’ll share the celebration with my nephew, Ahstyn, who was born just 7 days after Ryv.

It’s a milestone.  I’m the mom of a teen.  Sheesh! Hope I can survive the next few years.

God bless.




3 responses

2 05 2010

We love that girl lots…you all make for one really great family. Here’s to you, Annie and to you, Ryan for you are doing a great job as parents. Love, Mom

3 05 2010

Thank you, Mom!

4 05 2010

Wow! That is really exciting for you! Best of luck mothering her through those boy-crazy years! I can’t tell you how many late night, tearful conversations I had with my mom during my teens. Thankfully they are over now 😉 hopefully for good. God bless!

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