Welcome summer.

22 06 2010

Well, happy Second Day of  summer, folks!  I must say that it doesn’t feel like summer yet here.  It’s been wonderfully mild.  We experienced the coolest spring since 1967!  The coolest spring in my entire life…  I love it.

So, I’m a day late in changing my seasonal header, but I think I can forgive myself for that.  The ol’ blog has not gotten the attention (from writer nor reader) that it used to, so I doubt anyone noticed!

Life has been full.  A bit too busy for me.  I am feeling this tension in my shoulders and neck that my body expresses as pain.  Oh, it hurts.  There is just so much to do, it’s overwhelming.  Also, our income is teetering on the brink of Federal minimum wage.  EEK!  That’s like $7.50/hour.  Not gonna work for us.  Come on, unions!  Fight, fight, fight!

The kids are out of school.  Zea is saying Momma and Dadda.  She LOVES the water, so summer evenings at my parents’ should be fun!

We’ve got a bunch of fun activities planned, including a Rivercats game, a trip to the Zoo, a day at Fairytale Town, a camping trip with some friends/family, a day cruise to Alcatraz, a family garage sale, and hopefully the Indy Grand Prix at Infineon.  We had to push Disneyland back… Maybe next year!

One more thing I am squeezing in is a Haitian Creations purse party; I am SO excited about this!  Heartline’s women’s program teaches women how to sew these amazing bags.  I received 20 of them in the mail last week for my party, and I want to buy so many of them!  The money from purchasing the purses goes into the hands of these women, and one purse can provide up to a full month’s pay.  What a great way to help the people of Haiti, I think.

So, welcome summer.  May it be productive, fun, and God-glorifying all at once!

What are YOUR plans?




2 responses

24 06 2010

swimming with friends, softball playoffs, camping, losing a house guest and gaining family time…

24 06 2010

p.s. glad to see you again on the blogosphere! 🙂

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