Haitian Creations

27 07 2010

A couple of years ago, I learned about Heartline Ministries through the blog of Aaron Ivey.  Heartline has a women’s program that teaches sewing.  The women in the program make purses.  Unique, well-made purses.  I have bought a couple of them online in the past as gifts for family members…  Lindsey, you have one!  And so do you, Hope!

Anyway, you can also host Purse Parties with this program.  If you know me, I love to host parties.  I had one Friday night.  They shipped me a box full of these wonderful bags, some handout material for my guests, a cd about the ministry in Haiti, and some DELICIOUS recipes to prepare at home.  I thought it was great!  I sold half of the purses at my party and am trying to sell the other half of them at my office this week.

If you’ve ever wanted a truly one-of-a-kind purse and to know that the money you spend on it will go directly into the hands of someone who needs and appreciates it…  Visit Haitian Creations.

Let me know if you get one!  I’d love to see a picture of you with your new bag.

God bless.




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