On the way to the library last night…

13 08 2010

Malachi:  Mother (that’s what he calls me these days), does God love that guy?

I didn’t see who he was referring to, but my answer, obviously, was YES!

Mal:  How do you know?

Because God loves EVERYONE.  So much.

Mal:  Oh.

Do you know HOW MUCH he loves YOU?

Mal:  No.

My son has not been attending Sunday school.  This bothers me, but hey, I choose my battles.  It’s been on my heart recently to talk with my son about our Saviour.  I started out explaining sin and how all have sinned.  He understood that.  We talked about the consequences of sin.  We talked about heaven and hell.  And then, we talked about Jesus.

Mal:  I love God SO MUCH, and I want to go to heaven!

Well, you should tell God that!  Tell Him you believe in Him and that you want Him to come live in you.

Mal:  How?

Malachi knows about prayer.  But we talked about how God can hear our thoughts and that if we pray in the privacy of our own minds, He still hears us.  I offered to pray with him right there at the stop light.

Mal:  I’ll do it RIGHT when we get home!

I paused to take in the moment (and stifle my tears).

…or, you could do it quietly now, without even saying a word…

Mal:  You mean like I just did?




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13 08 2010

The angels in heaven are rejoicing with us today! Isn’t it funny something so happy akes you tear up. We are lovingly and wonderously made.
Not just because of this moment, but just because it is true, Mal is a special person. I can’t wait to see him grow up.

This message is ditto from Dad. He’s the one who read the blog this morning. We were both teary-eyed.

13 08 2010
Aunt Debbie

Our children are truly a gift from the Lord! What an awesome privilege and moment that is in a Mom’s (parent’s) life. It reminded me of the conversation Jeffrey started one night, when he was 4 years old, as we were driving home. ” I asked Jesus to come into my heart tonight…”

Rejoicing with you and the angels!

13 08 2010

Oh Annie what a special moment! To see our children loving God, there is nothing more sweet. Thank you for sharing that, you made my day.

14 08 2010

Wow. My brother is….wow. Glad I wasn’t there, that would have been awkward. Idk how but it would have been. haha(: Tell him i said I love him so much!

15 08 2010
Matthew J.

Hallelujah, God has another adopted Son and I have another brother. I can only imagine the heavens had yet another celebration when he gave his heart to our Lord. There’s no single greater decision a human can make while we live on this dirt-clod. And Mal just made it.

God’s name is praised! Hallelujah, praise His Holy Name to allow Malachi into his kingdom. And think of it…..Malachi’s name is now written in the Lambs book of life. Fantastic. And personally, if God keeps his book alphabetized, Mal’s name is kinda close to my name. We’re both in the “M”……. cool, He’s a child of the King, Malachi is royalty. He now has a purpose to be the light in this world of darkness. I look forward to teaching him what I’ve experienced with our father. Malachi is blessed by God, Malachi has found favor by God almighty. God’s name and His son Jesus are Holy. Hallelujah! Thank you Father for hearing our Prays

15 08 2010

This is the most beautiful thing, ever!

15 08 2010
Raquel TWG

Oh my goodness. That was adorable! Now I’m sad that I don’t really remember when my sister first “prayed the prayer”. I did it when I was 6, five days before my 7th birthday. That was over ten years ago. Crazy! Anyway, I’m so happy for him! Kids are the best (:

31 08 2010

Wow! How beautiful was that??? So sweet!

1 09 2010

Precious prayers of a 4 year old…
Thanks for the comments.

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