1 09 2010

These are hard times, people.  I won’t lie.  We’re struggling.  Financial burdens have this way of trickling down into all the other areas of family life and marriage.  It stinks.

Praise the Lord we have Hope.  We know how this all ends.  We know who’s ultimately in control.

We know that we are valued.  Loved.  Cherished.  By the Almighty God who holds us in His Hands.


I hope you know that!

I read this wonderful post this morning and have decided to let it set the tone of my day.  I hope it encourages you, too.

God bless.




6 responses

2 09 2010
Sandy Angers

Hi Annie, got your post on my blog A New Life4Lydiah. I will be praying for you and your family. Sandy

6 09 2010
Matthew J.

Very encouraging and truthful words Annie.

Matthew J.

12 09 2010

Thanks for sharing that link. Good post.

12 09 2010

Thanks for sharing that link. It was a good post.

14 09 2010
Raquel TWG

Ah yes, I do know all that; but sometimes it takes a little bit more work to actually believe it! Thanks for the encouragement, Annie (:

21 09 2010

Wonderful post! Something I needed to hear! Thank you!

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