Meet Yulia

23 09 2010

She is almost three years old.

My bloggy friend, Adeye, is on a mission to find a family for Yulia.  Right now, Yulia “lives” in a crib, pretty much 24 hours a day, in a poor orphanage in the Ukraine.  She is medicated daily ~ to keep her quiet and still.  She has health issues that have gone untreated.  She is malnourished.

She is one of our Father’s precious children.

When Adeye spent time in the Ukraine, adopting two of her daughters from this very same orphanage, the caregivers wouldn’t even allow her to pick Yulia up or cuddle with her.  You see, to them, Yulia is “one of the least.”
Doesn’t the Bible say something about “the least?”

Anyway, Adeye’s mission (which I am joining her on) is to raise enough money for a family to come in and adopt Yulia without the heavy financial burden that comes with international adoption.  This is no challenge for our God, right?  I just know He will see it through!

Please visit Adeye’s blog ~ Simple Surrender ~ to read more about Yulia’s situation and to chip in!


Every dollar counts.  Every penny, for that matter. Let’s move, as the body of Christ, and take action on behalf of this precious child.

She NEEDS grant money. It will give her a chance to be adopted.  And Adeye has even provided an incentive (as if we need one!):  one person who chips in will win an iPad.  Wow!

So, get over there and chip in as much as you can before October 6.  Let’s watch the Lord move mountains, people.

God bless.




5 responses

23 09 2010

That is so sad. I am praying for a forever home for her soon.

24 09 2010

It’s been like ONE DAY since Adeye posted this on her blog, and over $10,000 has ALREADY been raised! Wow. Praise the Lord.

28 09 2010

Annie, I am so happy to see the money being raised we have been looking into adopting and her face and reading she was not allowed to be held made me cry.

28 09 2010

I know, it is a very sad situation. I’ve been reading a lot about orphans in the Ukraine ~ especially the fate of special needs kids. It’s heartbreaking and wrong, what goes on there.

But God has moved one mountain for Yulia! Her adoption grant money has surpassed $20,000! Now, we just need to pray for a family to take the leap of faith and go get her…

30 03 2011
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