Stats Suck Sunday

24 10 2010

*  My stats suck.  I don’t even have to look at them to know this.

*  My niece spent the night last night.  I love that she and Malachi have so much fun together, even though she’s almost twice his age!

*  It feels like it’s 5am.  It’s 8am.  It’s cloudy and raining – I LOVE IT.

*  My computer took a literal dump presented me with an opportunity to learn how to locate and pull out my hard drive, clean out a whole bunch of dust, and reinstall Windows.  The reinstalling part…  I’m not sure it worked, but I’m going to try again.  Glad Ryvre has this laptop, or we’d all go crazy.

*  Heading to the mall after church to meet up with my sweet friend.  We’re going to walk our one year olds around and vent about our home lives, then encourage each other because we actually have it pretty good.  Side note:  the mall we were supposed to go to, since it’s about halfway between us, was burned down (at least part of it) a few days ago.  Of course, one of the RARE times I plan to go to the mall…  So, we’re going to the “old” mall, instead.

*  My cat is a morning “person.”

*  My blog is changing.

*  My son is going to be “Octopus Crime” for Halloween.  ha ha!

*  Gotta go get ready for church.

*  Have a great day!




2 responses

24 10 2010
James Guhn

I don’t know if it helps, but I review your site from Google Reader and I don’t know if that helps your stat tracking. You should ask Brody of an RSS feed reader reports hits to your site. Also, my stats suck too. I put some Google Ads on my site and I’ve earned all of $10 over the course of 3 years…and I can’t collect the money until I hit $100.

I also love the rain and these kinds of days.

Both the computers I own need replacing.

The Galleria burning is crazy. Is the “old mall” sunrise?

I don’t have a cat.

My blog is the same old thing, automotive, music, beverage, technology, fussing, randomness that is me.

My son is going as Lightning McQueen (or a racer car driver with the McQueen logo; he can’t really dress up as a car).

25 10 2010

Yep, Sunrise. I’d have to say it’s been 15+ years since I’d been there! It looks the same, but many of the stores have changed.

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