9 03 2011

It doesn’t have to be the 4th Thursday of November to be thankful for our blessings!

Today, I thank God for…

a comfortable home

healthy kids

a husband who always tells me I’m “hot”

parents who live close by

friends who truly care

steady work

a car that runs

hand-me-down clothes (not just for my kids!)

a husband who always says that the meals I make are the best he’s ever had (yes, every night – haha!)

medicine and physical therapy

Wildtree food

winter rain (and even a little snow)

movies that make me cry

a husband who changes a LOT of diapers

a daughter who wants to take choir in HS next year

a son who shares my passion for science

another daughter who makes us  laugh until we are in tears

women in my life who have been (and continue to be) incredible examples: Linda C, Ruthann, Treacy, Connie, Carol, Catrina, Linda H, my mom, and the list goes on…

ministries that I support, truly making a difference:  Reece’s Rainbow, World Vision, Toms Shoes, Mocha Club, HEART, Handiwork for His Glory, Heartline for Haiti, and others

home parties and all the free stuff that comes along with them

a husband who helps me clean the house for said home parties

the excitement of NASCAR

the music of Mercy Me (which I get to hear live this Saturday)

gourmet veggie pizza from Papa Murphy’s


dark chocolate









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