Great Invention?

16 03 2011

PLASTIC.  Boy, did the world change when people started using it!  These days, we could hardly live without it.  But we are just beginning to find out what the consequences are.

My New Year’s Resolution, although vague, was to use less plastic.  When I think about how many ziplock baggies I use for the kids’ lunches, grocery bags we bring home, and recyclable bottles we throw away…  it makes me sick.

Articles like this one will testify to the damage we have done to the earth with plastic.  And it doesn’t take much research to find worse tales.

So, in January, I hosted a Tupperware party!  This was totally fun, AND I ended up with around $200 in FREE items from the catalog.  I got sandwich keepers, “midgets,” and other food-keeping items that helped me reduce the number of baggies I send off to school, plastic wrap I pull over leftovers, and freezer bags for dividing bulk items.  I also got cereal keepers, flour/sugar/etc canisters, and a much-needed Cake Taker!  All for FREE.

Another thing I have done is collect grocery bags (and my coworkers bring them to me, too) for crocheting these totes.

Anyway, this was not intended to be an advertisement for Tupperware.  Nor am I an fierce environmentalist who is trying to scold you for your plastic usage.  Well, sort of, I am – more encouraging than scolding.  I just think people can make a huge difference by committing to the “Reuse” part of the 3 R’s.  Remember those from elementary school?

It’s not that hard to set yourself up to easily and safely reuse as many things as you can.  When you see what we have created in the Pacific Ocean, it just seems to make sense!

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch this entire video.  There are some pretty shocking pics.




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