The Ultimate Cause

16 07 2012

This old blog of mine has been abandoned.  Well, not really.  I use it for my blogroll – to find the ones I love to read.  I know, I should just subscribe, but that’s not my way…  Virtually ALL of the blogs I read now are of adoptive families.  Why?  God has planted this passion in my heart.  We want to adopt! 

The other part of this passion burns for people with special needs.  Adults.  Children.  Orphans.  Oh, the orphans!!!  God help them! 

For now, I join a host of other bloggers to “yell and scream” for them.  I’ve provided a link to a powerful post from Julia at Micah Six Eight.  She is one of the loudest advocates I have come to know online.  I am honored to do what I can to further that voice.  

PLEASE, take the time to look into their eyes.  These are REAL KIDS.  Abandoned for real.  Discarded.  Shunned.  Oh my heavens, my heart is broken! 

Will you help me scream for these?

Click here for Julia’s post.

In my world, this is the ultimate cause.  God bless you for helping in any way you can.




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