9 03 2011

It doesn’t have to be the 4th Thursday of November to be thankful for our blessings!

Today, I thank God for…

a comfortable home

healthy kids

a husband who always tells me I’m “hot”

parents who live close by

friends who truly care

steady work

a car that runs

hand-me-down clothes (not just for my kids!)

a husband who always says that the meals I make are the best he’s ever had (yes, every night – haha!)

medicine and physical therapy

Wildtree food

winter rain (and even a little snow)

movies that make me cry

a husband who changes a LOT of diapers

a daughter who wants to take choir in HS next year

a son who shares my passion for science

another daughter who makes us  laugh until we are in tears

women in my life who have been (and continue to be) incredible examples: Linda C, Ruthann, Treacy, Connie, Carol, Catrina, Linda H, my mom, and the list goes on…

ministries that I support, truly making a difference:  Reece’s Rainbow, World Vision, Toms Shoes, Mocha Club, HEART, Handiwork for His Glory, Heartline for Haiti, and others

home parties and all the free stuff that comes along with them

a husband who helps me clean the house for said home parties

the excitement of NASCAR

the music of Mercy Me (which I get to hear live this Saturday)

gourmet veggie pizza from Papa Murphy’s


dark chocolate







Simply Amazing

22 02 2011

Just in case you have never clicked on it from my blogroll…

On Earth as it is in Heaven is a chronicle of one Jesus-loving woman living in Uganda.

She’s adopted more than a dozen girls!

She’s devoted her life to healing the sick, loving the unlovely, and sharing her Savior with everyone along the way.

I am totally in awe of what God has done with her willing life.


Depraved Indifference

6 12 2010

A good friend of mine recently opened my eyes and told me that I have a “holy discontent.”  I guess there is a book about it or something.  Maybe I need to pick it up.  All I can say is that God has transformed my heart in the past year and given me a burning passion for disabled orphans.  I want to adopt them.  I want to teach the people in their countries that they are valuable people who deserve a family.  I want to tell the whole world about this problem, in hopes that the Body of Christ will stand up and change it.  The Body is moving, but not in ways big enough.  Why?

Urgent request! (not for money)

19 11 2010

On November 3, 2010,  the Ukrainian parliament voted to move forward with voting on legislation that will put a moratorium on ALL international adoptions.  The bill has already passed once. Now it must be voted on one more time before it becomes LAW.  I have heard the second vote will take place sometime this month.

Huge decisions are about to be made in Ukraine.  Decisions which will affect umpteen children and many, many families currently in the middle of an adoption.  Even families in the process of adopting may NOT be allowed to move forward with their adoptions.  Court dates will be denied and families will be sent packing back to the USA.

This kind of thing is not new in the world of international adoptions.  Sadly, we’ve seen it many times before. Many countries have closed their doors to adoptions.  Vietnam, Guatemala, Romania, Nepal, Cambodia, Liberia, to name a few.  We used to be able to adopt children from all those nations–but sadly no longer can.

What can YOU do?

Well, obviously, PRAY.

Then, take a few minutes (seriously, it is SO easy) to email your congressperson and senators about this!  I’ve even got a form letter you can use (stolen/borrowed from another caring mom).

I hope you’ll help.

Here are the links that you can use to contact your legislators:

To send a letter to your congressman

To send a letter to your senator just click on the state and follow the link


And here is a form letter you can copy/paste:

Dear (name),

I am writing to you today regarding a VERY urgent situation. Many families in the US are currently in the process of adopting children from orphanages in Ukraine. Most of these children are older or disabled. American families adopting these children offer them what may be their only opportunity at a normal and productive life free of crime, prostitution, or institutionalization due to illnesses that are treatable in the United States.

On November 3, 2010, the Ukrainian parliament voted to proceed with voting on legislation that would halt all international adoptions until inter-country adoption agreements are in place (see the State Dept. announcement at . At this point, all that is needed for this to become law is one more vote in Ukrainian parliament and a signature by the Ukrainian president. This could happen any day. If it does, many families and innocent children will be greatly affected.

I am writing to you to urge you to act quickly on this matter by (1) Contacting your Ukrainian cohorts and requesting a consideration of revision of the law to allow adoptions to proceed while the agreement is being drafted (as was done in Russia) and (2) Work with your colleagues in congress to begin drafting this agreement so that it is ready to go in the event the law passes.

Thank you for your timely consideration of this urgent matter!

What’s a Christmas Warrior???

3 11 2010

Well, I am so glad you asked!

During the months of November and December, I am raising money to go into an adoption grant for a little girl in Eastern Europe.  A little girl who has no family.  A sweet angel with Down Syndrome.

“Charity’s” picture is there on the right…  Isn’t she adorable?

The orphans on Reece’s Rainbow have been pulling at my heartstrings for a few months, now…  God is stirring up a passion in me for these wonderful babies that were, for some reason or another, given up by their parents.  In most cases, they were given up SOLELY because they carry an extra chromosome.  This makes them different.  Different is not acceptable.

Well, guess what?  WE’RE ALL DIFFERENT!

Children with Down Syndrome have no less value to the Father.  He loves them with all of His might!  They are wonderfully hand-made by the Creator of the Universe.  Reece’s Rainbow is working hard to get that message out and change the way this society on the other side of the world sees “different.”

One of the other cool things that Reece’s Rainbow does is set up grants for the children.  International adoption is pricey.  Usually somewhere between $18,000 and $35,000, depending on the country!  That’s quite a ransom!  But I’ve seen families raise it.  An adoption grant can be such a blessing in the process and might even make the difference in whether a child finds a forever family.

I am doing what I can.  I wish I could do a LOT more!  But I am proud to be a CHRISTMAS WARRIOR for “Charity.”  I want to raise $1,000 for her adoption grant.  Won’t you please consider making a donation, large or small?  Every dollar increases the chance of this little girl being adopted!

Click on the button (ornament with Charity’s pic).  This takes you to Reece’s Rainbow’s Angel Tree page with instructions to click on a link to the “waiting angels.”

From this next page, scroll down about half way and look for Charity.  She’s toward the left (same pic as my button).

Click on HER NAME, which takes you to her page, where you can donate!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Stats Suck Sunday

24 10 2010

*  My stats suck.  I don’t even have to look at them to know this.

*  My niece spent the night last night.  I love that she and Malachi have so much fun together, even though she’s almost twice his age!

*  It feels like it’s 5am.  It’s 8am.  It’s cloudy and raining – I LOVE IT.

*  My computer took a literal dump presented me with an opportunity to learn how to locate and pull out my hard drive, clean out a whole bunch of dust, and reinstall Windows.  The reinstalling part…  I’m not sure it worked, but I’m going to try again.  Glad Ryvre has this laptop, or we’d all go crazy.

*  Heading to the mall after church to meet up with my sweet friend.  We’re going to walk our one year olds around and vent about our home lives, then encourage each other because we actually have it pretty good.  Side note:  the mall we were supposed to go to, since it’s about halfway between us, was burned down (at least part of it) a few days ago.  Of course, one of the RARE times I plan to go to the mall…  So, we’re going to the “old” mall, instead.

*  My cat is a morning “person.”

*  My blog is changing.

*  My son is going to be “Octopus Crime” for Halloween.  ha ha!

*  Gotta go get ready for church.

*  Have a great day!

Guess what?

13 10 2010


Praise the Lord, right?  So cool.