PPT – Coffee

12 08 2008

Oh, your steamy, dark goodness!

Your aroma fills my cubicle, and I wait at the edge of my seat.

I hear those final popping noises, coming from Mr. Coffee.

That first sip tells me that it is, indeed, morning.  I swallow you down, and my vision begins to become clearer.  My lungs open up and take in (what feels like) their first oxygen of the day. 

I am awake. 

I am alive.




7 responses

12 08 2008
Raquel TWG

Amen to that.

12 08 2008

I love it.

12 08 2008

Yeah !!!!!
I agree completely. there is just something wonderful about that smell first thing in the morning and even the idea that is is going to happen makes my tummy jump like going down a big hill, really fast.!!!!

Love you, Barb

12 08 2008
Kristin D

yep! It’s wonderful stuff, especially if Matt is the one making it! (It always tastes better when he makes it for me!)

12 08 2008

haha… I’m a social drinker. It holds no appeal for me otherwise. Does that make me evil?

12 08 2008


a staple in daily life that often gets overlooked….
thank you for giving it recognition!

12 08 2008

hehe – good stuff.
We are out.
Maybe that is why I got sick!
I gotta go…

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